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Symphony: Welcome


advanced string, wind, brass and percussion through age 21


NVYO’s most advanced auditioned student orchestra is made up of highly capable string, wind, brass and percussion players under the age of 21.


• Musicians are expected to have developed an advanced range and tone, and be able to play in any key.

• Vibrato, ability to play in higher registers, variety of bow strokes or articulations, and/or other advanced techniques are required. Music is selected from the standard Symphonic repertoire.

• Coaching is provided, but students accepted are expected to have at least some experience with low and high registers, alternate fingerings, and/or the following extended skills: 

violin: upper registers/"octave up (8va)" 

viola: upper registers/treble clef

cello: tenor/treble clef, thumb position

bass: tenor/treble clef, thumb position

clarinet: in A 

horn/trumpet: transposition (or C trumpet)

trombone: tenor clef

percussion: timpani, mallet, snare, aux. 

Audition packets for each instrument available on the AUDITIONS page.

Rehearsals are Sunday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm, with additional sectionals and dress rehearsals as scheduled. Most rehearsals are held at the Empire Arts Center, 415 Demers Ave. in Grand Forks. String seating is rotated each concert. Brass, woodwind and percussion usually rotate from piece to piece. Qualified and teacher-recommended college music students may apply for NVYO's College Mentor-Performer musician program, upon acceptance, tuition is waived for CMP participants.  See bottom of this page for details and application. 


  • Returning Symphony members may register​ for 2024-25 without an additional audition. (Placement auditions may be held during the rehearsal season in fall.) SYMPHONY DIRECT LINK:

  • Students new to NVYO and interested in Symphony, or Philharmonic students interested in auditioning for Symphony, need to register for an audition time, and prepare the audition packet for their instrument. See AUDITIONS for more info. 

  • College music students may apply for NVYO's CMP mentor musician program (tuition is waived) - see below.  

Important note: Orchestral placement is at the discretion of the conductors, regardless of the student’s declared intent.  Age is never the ONLY determining factor in orchestral placement; NVYO ensembles are arranged by playing level. Orchestral assignment is made with intent to create the overall best experience for each student, with orchestra balance in mind.

Fees – 2024-25  | Register by May 31, 2024 and save! 

  • Tuition is $310 for the season,  $300 before August 31, $290 before May 31. 

  • Fees include all instruction, music use, sectional opportunities, and a t-shirt.

  • Students joining in the middle of the season or with extreme circumstance such as a move or semester abroad may inquire about a reduced one-semester tuition rate, presently $190 for Symphony.

  • Limited scholarships are available, need or merit- based for all members. Complete the appropriate application online at Please submit prior to registration for best consideration.

Contact Naomi Welsh with questions –

Symphony: Programs

College Mentor-Performer Program

Learn more about our College Mentor-Performer program for eligible university-level musicians. This tuition waiver, recommendation-only program, allows college students to perform and learn symphonic repertoire while also continuing to develop mentor and leadership skills. Learn more & apply here:

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