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Northern Valley Youth Orchestras is a youth orchestra program that helps its participants aspire toward musical excellence, but also inspires and encourages musicians to connect with each other, and connect with their communities. Yes, we have fantastic conductors and wonderful coaches and mentors, and we perform challenging and exciting music at a high level. But NVYO is about more than making great music - it's about making new friends, and making a lasting difference in the world.  Since 2011, NVYO has been an organization with a passion for inclusion, hard work, and beautiful music, with a strong foundation of community support. Our camps, chamber music program, school year orchestras, mentoring program and more are all waiting for the next crop of musicians to inspire.

Our NVYO families come from a dozen towns in the Minnesota and North Dakota upper Red River Valley, typically play in their school programs (if offered) and most take private lessons. Students and conductors get together for weekly rehearsals September-November and January - March, with extra professional coaches available to help with technique, and performances in beautiful local concert auditoriums are held at the end of each 9-10 week session. Extra performance opportunities are offered for those who want more chances to play in the community, but are not usually required. 

Interested? Click below to read more about each program we offer, and how to audition (orchestra) or sign up (camp).  Check out our social media sites for more info, too.  As always, contact us if you have questions, at or 701-757-3009 .

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